Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning

What you should do vs. what you should let us do

We’ve Got It Covered! We know that it can be fun to plan your wedding and want to do everything yourself. However, we think there are a few things you should leave up to your expert vendors to rest assured that your wedding will look spectacular!


Whether it be on the ceiling, on your seats or on your arch. Let us take care of your draping needs. We are experts when it comes to draping! You place the surrounding decor and viola! Stunning ceremony site!

Vick Photography   Lowes Hotel

Vick Photography

Lowes Hotel

Linens -

Floor length linens really transform a room from banquet hall to wedding hall extraordinaire. Let us provide and place your linens so that all you have to do is put on your centerpiece.

Vick Photography   Lowes Hotel

Vick Photography

Lowes Hotel

Chair Covers-

Let us dress your chairs as well. Setting up 200 chair covers and sashes can take a lot of time. Don’t make your family do this work. They want to enjoy the day just as much as you. Plus we have perfected the art of tying a bow!

Julie Greer Photography   Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul

Julie Greer Photography

Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul

Julie Greer Photography   Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul

Julie Greer Photography

Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul

Julie Greer Photography   Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul

Julie Greer Photography

Intercontinental Hotel St. Paul


Your family friend might take photos on the side, but we suggest hiring a professional. Photos last a lifetime and you want to make sure they turn out amazing! After all, photos are what you put out to display for everyone to see.


Hiring a day of coordinator is one of the biggest stress relievers. It provides you to spend more time with your loved ones as well as giving your guests the chance to spend time with each other. Don’t stress over making decisions on your wedding day, let a coordinator do that for you!

Extra Decor-

This is all you!! We like to leave it to your imagination and personality to really make the space your own. Find the little nooks and crannies in your venue that you would like to put any pictures, candles, love signs, wedding favors and more!

Involving your family and friends can often make your wedding experience more stressful if something does not turn out the way you had envisioned. So, hire professionals! It’s what we do…all the time. You can trust that it will turn out beautiful, all while spending those special moments with your guests.

Wedding Planning

Overlooked details

There are so many details to remember and plan and discuss about your wedding day. So, what are those little details that often get overlooked? Well, you have come to the right place! We have created a list of things just for you that we find are the most overlooked.

Backup plan

Do you have one? It’s not only rain you have to worry about, heat and wind can also play a big factor in outdoor weddings. Backup plans are a must! BUT! It’s usually not this detail that gets overlooked... It’s what comes next. Have you communicated this backup plan to your vendors and helpers? If not, make sure they know where things are to be placed if anything changes. Communication to your vendors is one of the biggest overlooked detail in wedding planning.


Most people plan the food for dinner, but forget about breakfast and lunch! Plan to bring plenty of food AND WATER for you and your wedding party. Tip: Have water bottles easily accessible because more people are likely to grab them and stay hydrated!

Accessories/Wedding dress

Don’t let time get away from you during your engagement season. Alterations typically need to be scheduled two months prior to your wedding day. During this time you can look for the perfect accessories so that you can try everything on once your dress has been altered to make sure it is everything you had envisioned.

Who’s your go-to?

Do you have a wedding planner? A venue coordinator? A go-to? Questions always come up and you will not want to be bothered while you are getting ready and preparing for your special day. It is important to have someone in charge of questions and concerns so you don’t have to. It is your wedding day, relax and let someone else make the decisions for you!


People are hard to plan on. You just never know if Aunt Barb or Uncle Larry are going to show up unexpected. Plan on an extra 10-20 chairs at your ceremony. Your guests will most likely leave seats open in between, which can then cause issues for latecomers. If you have chair decor, make sure you account for those extra chairs as well. No one likes mismatching or uncovered chairs in photos. Tip: Factor yourself and your vendors into your guest count when ordering chairs and food.

The Getaway Car

Hustle and Bustle. That is what your wedding day consists of (along with laughter, joy, love, and happiness of course). Wedding plans are usually made up until the event begins, but have you thought about when the event is over? Do you have a way for you and your spouse to get to your hotel? Does your wedding party have a ride from the venue to the hotel?


The evening will come and you will want the space to match your mood. Depending on your venue, make sure that you can dim the lights or add supplement lighting like twinkle lights or cafe lights to keep the wedding mood romantic all night long.

Cleanup, Cleanup

Communicate with your vendors and your go-to about the cleanup process. Are you responsible for returning rented items? Do you have someone assigned for cleanup duty? It is crucial that items are counted and taken care of properly to avoid any damaged/missing item fees. No one likes the after-wedding charges, so assign someone to take on this job, and you will have nothing to worry about. Other things that might get overlooked include the collecting of gifts, personal items, your dress and or bouquet.

Wedding Planning

What to do 3 weeks before your wedding

Feeling a little bit stressed out? We are here to help!

First thing is first, breathe in and back out. It is going to be ok, and you are going to get MARRIED! Don’t forget to keep celebrating that amongst the crazy details of the last few weeks.

Here are a few tips to help you feel a little less stressed and a little more excited!

Take a final head count

This can be a daunting task, but it will make such a big difference. Finalize the numbers for your venue and make sure you have a completed, easy-to-read table plan.

Create an overly detailed wedding day timeline

Try to include more than just when the ceremony starts and when the reception ends. It can include things like who is bringing your name cards and where should they be placed? Include who is transferring your overnight bag and when? Add the time your vendors are planning to arrive, what they are doing, and where your decor goes at the end of the night. All of these things can allow for a more relaxed day rather than trying to figure out details in the moment. Share this timeline with the wedding party, family, vendors and a coordinator for a more relaxed day.

When we arrive-

Wondering when We’ve Got It Covered will arrive? Most days we have multiple events and therefore can’t be everywhere at once. However, we can guarantee that it will be done before your event begins. Have a specific time you need it ready by? Contact us with that information as soon as possible so we can schedule you in.

Confirm the details with your vendors so they aren’t surprised or left guessing

1.Color Change?

Did any of your rental items change color? From white to ivory perhaps? It is easy to make these changes as you plan during your engagement, but don’t forget to let your rental company know of the switch.

2.Number change?

Along with colors, do you have any number changes? It is pretty typical that about 10-20% of your invited guests will RSVP regretfully and so it is important to inform your venue and any other vendors involved. Tip: Rent a few extras in case your numbers change last minute.

3. Size or style change?

Look over the style and size of your tables. Did you change to rectangle tables? Are you using rounds? Make sure your linen sizes are correct to avoid day of frustration.


Hopefully you have already created some sort of schedule months ago of what planning and payments need to happen and at what time in your engagement. Sift through that timeline to see if any other unseen payments that need to be made. Your payment and final numbers for your decor rented from We’ve Got It Covered, is due 15 days prior to your date.

Organize decor and accessories

Sort through your decor and organize it by where it goes. This is a good way to see what you are missing and if you need to make some last minute additions!

Make sure all necessary marriage documents are brought to the venue and are ready to go

Don’t forget the marriage documents! Something that can easily be forgotten if not put in a place to remember.

Iron/steam anything needed

Have you tried on all of your apparel and made sure its looking clean and pressed? Some last minute touch ups might need to be made before the big day!

Wedding Planning, Inspiration

Step by Step - How to Piece Together Favorites

Are you wondering if your wedding ideas will all come together to create that breathtaking image in your mind? 

Don't worry, We've Got It Covered! 

Here are 5 ways to guarantee a great wedding look you are sure to love! 

Wedding table set up with champagne table linen and surrounding chiavari chairs. For the centerpiece mercury glass candlesticks were used with flower bud vases and ivory napkins. Behind the table is a taupe backdrop and champagne pedestals holding greenery arrangements.

1. Pick a color scheme

taupe color
blush color
champagne color

2. Find a backdrop

This can be something unique from your venue like a big window, art on the wall, stonework, or a big fireplace. 

If nothing stands out...Choose your own statement like this taupe backdrop!

Taupe backdrop with champagne pedestals holding greenery arrangements complimented with glowing candles on the ground.

3. Add dimension

Use different heights and lengths in your wedding decor to create depth and visual appeal.

Another way to add dimension is a contrast color. Nothing too fancy or flamboyant (unless that's totally your cup of tea!), but something simple, like these greenery arrangements. It keeps your room looking lively and lifted rather than flat and dull. 

cylinder vase trio with floating candles
champagne pedestal

3. Pick your head table style, linen, and chair

To create the finished look a textured velvet linen was added with a Chiavari chair for the perfect sweetheart table!

champagne velvet linen with texture and shine
chiavari chair
sweetheart table with velvet linen and blush mercury glass candlestick decor

4. Add your centerpieces!

This is where you can be the most c r e a t i v e ! Put together an array of different items in your same color scheme, incorporate your contrast color, include your table number and maybe a few pictures and viola! You have a great centerpiece!

Mercury glass candlestick centerpieces on a champagne linen
White flower in a mercury glass bud vase on a champagne linen with a candle nearby
mercury bud vase holding a flower next to candlesticks
ivory napkin folded on a plate with neutral tone wedding decor

5. Lastly, put it all together and simply admire

Another great tip to make sure that your ideas come out flawless is to make your own mock table. Set it up and put together your centerpiece trying different things until you come to find something you absolutely love. 

Neutral tone wedding decor displayed with a champagne linen and a taupe backdrop. This look has a pop of color with greenery arrangements standing tall and ice chiavari chairs.

Wedding Planning

How to Decorate Your Venue - Things to Think About


First thing to think about is your ceremony. Are you going to have an indoor ceremony? An outdoor ceremony? Is it in a barn? A field? An event center? A church? Maybe you want to bring the church setting outdoors. Anything is possible! First start broad, then get to the details. 



Broad ideas begin with using a backdrop, an arch, or creating something different. 

This idea was brought to life by adding curtains in a field, making the appearance of church windows for an outdoor ceremony. 

Outdoor ceremony site looking like a church with white curtains and chairs.


The chairs. 

Do they need to be covered? Want to add some color to the ceremony? Think about a colored sash! Keep it classy with black and white, or change it up and add your own spice of color! 

Black chair sash tied in a bow at a Minnesota outdoor wedding ceremony site.


The details.

Once you have the big ideas taken care of, like a backdrop or draping on an arch then look to the small details. Maybe you want to line your aisle with some decorations like candles or flowers or add a sign to the beginning for extra appeal. 

Wedding ceremony sign lining the aisle


Every venue has a specific place full of character and charm for wedding day pictures. When you have located that special spot think of different things you could add. Placing old furniture and a creative backdrop gives a fun place to take photos with your party as well as for your guests! 

Round barn farm style shoot with bride and her girls
Wedding inspiration for reception decor that is fun for the guests as well.


This is something that may seem small, but adds so much. When the evening comes and the soft glow shines, you are sure to feel love and romance throughout your entire space. 

crystal chandelier on a taupe curtain backdrop


Guest Tables- 

This is where you get to be extra creative! Keep it simple or make it intricate, it's up to you! Decor ideas can include an array of centerpieces, table runners, chargers, napkins, candles, chair backs, flowers and more. 

Farmstyle reception decor with gold chargers and candles
farmstyle tablescape with burgundy table runner and gold chargers

Head Table-

This is probably the most important part of your day when thinking about decor. The head table is a focal point that directs all of the guests to you.

Decor items to think about include: a colored backdrop, a bold linen choice, chargers, napkins, flowers, candles or other centerpiece decor that matches your guest tables and personal style.

Full head table design displaying a burgundy backdrop with hanging greenery. On the table is a velvet linen and garland lining the length with gold accented candles. Next to the table are tall black candelabras for added glam.
black chargers on a velvet linen
candle accents with garland and flowers

Other various decoration ideas (optional):

Cake Table-

Your cake table and dessert display is a place to spice up your space with some unique finds. Add a sweet sign, a fun table and you are good to go! 

Western cake table display with gold candlesticks and lanterns with crates and other dessert delicacies

Cocktail Tables-

wine barrel cocktail table
cocktail table flowers
wedding day decor

Gift Table-

Gift table

Last but not least, don't forget any other areas that could be used to your advantage. If there is something that catches your eye, be sure to give it extra love and attention! You will never regret!

couple kissing under dreamy draping
outdoor wedding ceremony draping decor

Venue: Round Barn Farm

Decor: We've Got It Covered

Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography















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The Key to Making Your Wedding Tables Stand Out

VOLUME, Color, and Feel

These are the essentials when it comes to adding anything on top of, near, or around your reception tables for the most outstanding tables yet!

Check out these great examples by brides who chose to give their tables the volume, color AND feel that all tables deserve!

Wedding at the landmark center with Minnesota decor rentals. This look has gold sequin table runners, black candleabras, linens, and chaircovers with a gold sash tied kimono style.
Focal centerpiece of a black candleabra holding white feathers. This was paired with a gold sequin runner and charger.

VOLUME: The black candleabra gives this table height and the fluffy white feathers give the table even more shape and direction.

Color: The choice of gold in the table runner and charger gives a contrast look against the dark linen, napkins, and table decor.

Feel: The small lit candles placed sparatically on the table runner gives shine to the sequins and warmth to the atmosphere.

Farmstyle table layout with wood slices and royal blue sashes and napkins

VOLUME: The glass milk jars filled with stiffer greens, brings style to the farmtable. Lining the table with these fills out the length and completes the fullness of the table.

Color: The bright blue sashes and napkins give the wood a pop of color and livens the room.

Feel: The addition of woodslices under the flowers make for an outdoorsy, adventurous vibe.

blush vase on a blush sequin linen
gold candleabra with voluptuous greens on a blush sequin linen

VOLUME: A voluptuous green on top of a gold candleabra provides height and width filling great space on a round table.

Color: There are many colors compiled in this look, but can still look cohesive since they are in the same neutral color palette.

Feel: Texture is involved in the sequin linen and the ribbing on the blush bud vase for character and personality.

centerpieces displayed on a burgundy table linen
gold chargers and eucalyptus on a bold burgundy wedding linen with candles and flowers
gold votive cup with candles and a burgundy linen with flowers

VOLUME: This sweetheart table is filled with many things to keep it from looking bare. It has a gold metal pedestal bowl filled with flowers, mercury glass votives with candles, and gold chargers to fill the table.

Color: A bold burgundy linen was paired with gold centerpiece accents and a full flower arrangement for bonus color!

Feel: The linen choice oozes romance with a bit of daring flare.

Wedding reception draping in an outside pavilion with flowers in wood boxes for the centerpiece

VOLUME: The volume doesn't just have to be on the tables, it can be in the ceiling too! This draping adds dimension to the space and volume from the top down.

Color: This venue is an outdoor space with a lot of color from the landscape. However, pairing this simple wooden box on the table gives it fresh color and cohesion.

Feel: The simplicity of the centerpieces give the feel of a spacious, clean presentation.

Four tall candlesticks on a farm table with greenery mixed in
Gold charger and navy napkin on a farm table with eucalyptus
Wedding reception centerpiece ideas including greenery, champagne chargers, and crystal glasses

VOLUME: For longer tables, more decor is needed for full volume. This table has eucalyptus interwoven between candlesticks, drinking glasses, mercury bud vases and short tea candles.

Color: The eclectic collection of candlesticks placed throughout give this wood table a varied color scheme complimenting the chargers and other decor.

Feel: The shine from the tall candlesticks and layout design of the table presents a rustic and glamorous feel to the day.

Minnesota farm venue with lace table runners and gold chargers

VOLUME: A mixture of tall and short flower displays serve as focal points, yet establish a seamless combination to the head table filled with chargers and other various decorations.

Color: Choosing color can be as simple as pairing a gold charger against a lace table runner and lively flowers.

Feel: The intricate pattern of this aubrey lace table runner adds rustic charm paired with rustic wood floral boxes.

Lanterns with candles inside displayed near a floral wood box and crystal glasses
romantic candles intermixed with greenery and lantern decor
Long wood farm table with wedding decor of white lanterns, wood floral boxes, gold chargers and pink napkins

VOLUME: This look is comprised of simple decor, but still has great volume. The light houses add body and shape, while the eucalyptus generates thickness and bulk throughout the length of the entire table.

Color: Color is seen throughout the natural wood in the table, the green in the flowers, the white in the lanterns, and a pink and gold charger/napkin duo!

Feel: The centerpieces give a clean, feminine gathering paired with rustic tones in the table and floral wood boxes for a complete farmstyle table that is sure to stand out!

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Tips and Tricks to Finding "The One" -Wedding Venue-

Steps to finding The One (venue) after you've found The One! 

Step 1. Talk to others to hear what they liked and disliked about certain venues

Talking to friends and family about their likes and dislikes can give insight into what you want to be looking for. Whether that be an outdoor ceremony site, or a designated cocktail space, I am sure they can provide many details and options to think about. 

Outdoor wedding ceremony leading to a white curtain pergola with garland

Step 2. Make a list of wants vs. must haves

It's easy to get lost in the moment at each venue and love them all. So before taking a tour at any site, be sure to have a list of wants vs. must haves. 

Outdoor vineyard wedding ceremony

Step 3. Find a wedding planner or coordinator that will help see your vision

Wedding planners are not necessary to make a wedding happen, but they definitely take the stress off of planning and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

cocktail hour silver linens
Reception decor featuring chargers, linens, chivari chairs and more
outdoor cocktail hour with silver luster linens at winehaven in minnesota

Step 4. Only look at venues that fit in your budget

If you are on a strict budget, only be looking at ones that fit in your price range. This will help make a quicker decision as well as leave extra money for other wedding decor! 

wedding reception inspiration with lace linens and table numbers displayed in front of white roses

Step 4. Keep your guests in mind

Some venues are restrictive to the number of guests so it is important to keep that in mind as well as what they will be doing. Does the venue have a good place for cocktail hour or a comfortable reception space?

reception table styled with grey linens and lace overlays. The ivory napkins placed in glasses and a floral arrangement for a centerpiece

Step 5. Ask each venue as many questions as possible to know what is expected and included

When narrowing down which venue to choose, it is easier with all of the facts. So, when doing your visits ask every question you can think of to make planning less stressful. [Again, wedding planners are great!]

guest tables with a cool and sophisticated decor. Chiffon chair backs and grey linens with lace overlays

Step 6. Envision yourself and your loved ones spending an entire day at that venue

Ultimately, this is your day. So everything aside, pick one that you know you will love even days after the wedding. 

silver wedding cake idea
Bride throwing wedding bouquet off balcony

After choosing your venue you will need to pick your decor! Stay tuned to see how to decorate your venue! 

Venue: Winehaven 

Decor: We've Got It Covered

Photography: Delight Photography

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New Inventory!!!!!!

Wedding inspiration with new inventory

New Inventory!!!!!!

We have new inventory and we are so excited to share it with you! Don't worry--all the tried-and-true favorites are still here. But we've updated our inventory to include fresh finds that are guaranteed to be a hit this wedding season. Our carefully curated collection can be styled to suit any wedding theme, so take a peek at these new must-have items!

New Inventory Highlights

  • Mercury Glass: Mercury glass is outwardly beautiful, but what I love most about it is when it meets candlelight it instantly takes a surreal and whimsical glow, bringing sparkle and glamour to any room. Another beauty of mercury glass is that it can be dressed down or dressed up to meet any wedding theme and looks equally fabulous. Whether you are planning a vintage, rustic, classic, bohemian or modern wedding, mercury glass elements like candle holder, votives or vases can be gorgeous compliments on your wedding decor.

  • Linens: Guys! I'm obsessed with fabric! It was really, really, really hard to narrow down the new linen choices, but alas I settled on some threads that I think you are going to swoon over. Let's talk color! I'm seeing burgundy making a comeback in a major way. I've added an elegant burgundy shantung linen that is sure to impress. When I choose new fabrics, I get a lot of input from other experts in the industry. I visited with my friends at Raffine Bridal in Woodbury, about what colors they are seeing trending this year, they showed me a bridesmaid dress that has been flying off the racks. This dress was a lovely shade of dusty mauve and I knew I needed to get a linen to match! Color is important but so is TEXTURE, and that is why I had to add the super sexy velvet linen to our collection.

  • Chandeliers: A bride recently asked me if I thought she needed a chandelier for her wedding ceremony, without skipping a beat I responded, "YES"! In fact, I suggested we add a chandelier to adorn her cake table as well. Chandeliers make such a statement on their own or in a cluster, over your head table or in a tree, this is why we have added more chandeliers and more chandelier colors!

  • Fabric: Last but not least... I'm excited to announce that I have added more fabric and more colors to our inventory. I'm excited about the trend towards color after many years of muted tones ruling. I have added colored curtains and fabric to dress up your venue's ceiling, your tent, ceremony arches, and backdrops.

mercury candlesticks for wedding table decoration

Mercury glass candlesticks in blush, gold, and silver. Mercury glass pedestal floral bowl.

decoration ideas to hold tea lights or candles

Mercury glass votives and vases.

unique table decor for weddings and a simple or elegant style

Mercury glass bud vases in blush and gold. Blush mercury glass candlestick.

Lighthouses and wood boxes for flowers used for decoration and rental

Wood floral boxes & white lanterns.

Velvet linen for wedding rental


Gold candleabra used with floral plate and candles

This gold candelabra can be used with a floral plate or with 5 candle holders.

Gold chandelier that can be hung at many outdoor or indoor weddings

Gold chandelier.

Taupe curtains used for a backdrop or draping at a wedding along with candlesticks used for added decoration

Taupe fabric and champagne candlestick.

Burgundy table linen that makes gold accents pop along with greenery or crystal decorations

Burgundy shantung linen.

Burgundy linen with gold chargers, crystal cups, floral, and gold candle votive cups

Get this look: Burgundy Shantung Linen, Gold Charger Plates, Mercury Glass Votives, Gold Metal Floral Pedestal Vase.

Burgundy linen with tall candlesticks and floral arrangements for centerpiece with a taupe backdrop

Candlesticks can be used?on tables as centerpieces, on the floor to adorn your sweetheart tables or down the aisle to deck out your ceremony.

Taupe curtains pulled back with a gold chandelier and tall candlesticks holding eucalyptus
Farm table with gold chargers and navy napkins, garland and candlesticks for centerpiece ideas

Get this look: Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Champagne Plate Chargers & Navy Matte Satin Napkins.

Chiavari chairs added for more wedding decoration and chiffon chair ties used along with chargers and garland and candlestick holders for more centerpieces
Chair cover tied over chiavari chairs and gold and navy wedding colors
Navy and gold accent colors for wedding inspiration and crystal glasses on a farm table for extra glam
wedding reception table ideas that have flowers, gold plates, greenery, napkins and candles
Sequin linen for a sweetheart or head table surrounded by mercury blush candlesticks and garland and a chandelier

Get this look: Blush Sequin Linen, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Wood Floral Box, Gold Candelabra, Gold Chandelier.

Wood table set with gold plates, eggplant napkins, gold and blush candlesticks, and garland mixed

Get this look: Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Eggplant Matte Satin Napkins, Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Mercury Glass Candlesticks & Champagne Plate Chargers.

Wood table with white lanterns, roses, wood boxes filled with flowers, candles and gold chargers

Get this look: Chiffon Chair Wraps, White Lanterns, Gold Charger Plates, Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Wood Floral Boxes.

velvet linen on a wedding table with candlesticks for the centerpiece, taupe curtain backdrop, greenery, and chiavari chairs

Get this look: Velvet Linen, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Taupe Fabric Backdrop & Champagne Candlesticks.

Elegant gold, red, green, white and taupe colors mixed for a wedding reception table

Get this look: Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Gold Metal Floral Pedestal Vase, Gold Mercury Glass Votives, Burgundy Shantung Linen & Gold Charger Plates.

Different style backdrop behind wedding table and variety of centerpiece items like candlesticks, mercury bud vases, and unique plates and cups

Thank you to the talented vendors that helped with our new inventory shoot!

Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography

Styling: Sixpence Events & Planning

Paper: Kristina Designz

Inspiration, Wedding Planning

5 Ways To Use Cafe Lights At Your Wedding

Cafe lights, also called globe lights, bistro lights or string lights, are a great option for mood lighting. We have all seen them strung outside, but you can also use them indoors to create some lovely ambiance.

1. Strung From the Center of the Room

Left Photo: Whitney Anderson Photography  Right Photo:  Jeannine Marie Photography   Venue:  Minnesota Boat Club   Cafe Lights and Rouge Chair Covers: We've Got It Covered

Left Photo:Whitney Anderson Photography Right Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography

Venue: Minnesota Boat Club

Cafe Lights and Rouge Chair Covers: We've Got It Covered

2. As a Backdrop

Photo:  Jeannine Marie Photography   Photo:  Studio Starfish   Venue:  Hope Glen Farm   Venue:  514 Studios   Flowers:  Studio B Floral   Cafe Lights, Chair Covers, Linens, & Chargers: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography

Photo: Studio Starfish

Venue: Hope Glen Farm

Venue: 514 Studios

Flowers: Studio B Floral

Cafe Lights, Chair Covers, Linens, & Chargers: We've Got It Covered

3. Hung Vertically Down the Wall

Photo:  Carina Photographics   Venue:  James J. Hill Library   Cafe Lights: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Carina Photographics

Venue: James J. Hill Library

Cafe Lights: We've Got It Covered

4. Crisscrossing the Ceiling

Venue:  Little Log House   Cafe Lights, Rouge Chair Covers, and Draping: We've Got It Covered

Venue: Little Log House

Cafe Lights, Rouge Chair Covers, and Draping: We've Got It Covered

5. In a Large Open Space to Create Intimacy 

Photo:  Studio Laguna Photography   Venue:  Landmark Center   Cafe Lights & Linens: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Studio Laguna Photography

Venue: Landmark Center

Cafe Lights & Linens: We've Got It Covered