Wedding Ideas You Will NEVER REGRET

Simple Stationary -

Stationary that incorporates your colors and your information is all you need. Keeping it simple allows your wedding to remain elegant and timeless.

Purple and grey stationary presented on a log slic
Purple and grey themed wedding invite with cursive writing
Burgundy envelope with gold accents for simple stationary that everyone will love
Simple stationary with gold and burgundy acccents

Arch Draping -

Nothing is more romantic than a bit of draping. The soft fabric that billows in the wind adds such a sweetness to your ceremony that not only you, but your guests will love as well. It is great for pictures as it smoothes out some of the hard lines of your pergola or arch.

An engaged couple during the ceremony with taupe draping on their pergola

Florals Florals Florals -

Flowers just make everything better. They give your space more color, they make your venue feel fresh and alive, and they give off an amazing smell that will ultimately put a smile on everyone’s face. Try incorporating a few floral arrangements along with your draping for that extra WOW factor!

White draping on a wooden arch complimented with floral arrangements for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Minnesota.

Do things your way -

Doing things your way, completely unique to you will never go out of style. It is your day after all, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and keep your day planned around what you like. If that means adding an old cart to display your desserts or bringing in a horse for some photos, DO IT! I know the opinions of others can be hard to say no to, but you will never regret choosing the things that you enjoy.

Dessert display on an old wooden cart to keep the style of the bride’s taste
Enjoying wedding desserts with burgundy dresses and taupe draping backdrop
Incorporating a horse into the wedding day for a few photos and keeping it a unique wedding

Mismatched dresses -

Everyone has a different body type and structure. Picking bridesmaid dresses that are the same color and length, but a different style on top will bring creativity, unity and confidence. This will allow you to still be the focus in your photos, but also give your bridesmaids relief by feeling great in a style fits them.

Wedding party in mismatched bridesmaid dresses taking photos in the vineyard
Wedding party staging photos at the Gardens of Castle Rock in Minnesota with mismatched bridesmaid dresses and taupe color palette.

Delicate Color Details -

White weddings have been and always will be the most popular wedding trend. However, adding a touch of an accent color could be a huge game changer. You get to keep the timeless white wedding look, without being too washed out. *Tip: If you’re going to add more than one color for accents, make sure they are within the same color palette and theme to match your overall look and feel.

Simple all white wedding with a splash of blue color
Photo by Gina Zeidler

Photo by Gina Zeidler

Lighting -

You can never go wrong with adding some lighting. We guarantee that you will never regret that added chandelier or the sweetness of cafe lights behind your head table. Whether it be soft candlelight, whimsical chandeliers or the glimmer of cafe lighting, your guests will feel cozy and comfortable staying to enjoy your party even longer.

Cafe light backdrop behind the head table giving off a romantic glow
Candles mixed in with a sweetheart table for extra added romance.
Chandelier installation over head table with a cluster of 6 different chandeliers

All of these wedding ideas will ensure you to have a wedding that you will not only love today, but for years to come.