Wedding Planning

Overlooked details

There are so many details to remember and plan and discuss about your wedding day. So, what are those little details that often get overlooked? Well, you have come to the right place! We have created a list of things just for you that we find are the most overlooked.

Backup plan

Do you have one? It’s not only rain you have to worry about, heat and wind can also play a big factor in outdoor weddings. Backup plans are a must! BUT! It’s usually not this detail that gets overlooked... It’s what comes next. Have you communicated this backup plan to your vendors and helpers? If not, make sure they know where things are to be placed if anything changes. Communication to your vendors is one of the biggest overlooked detail in wedding planning.


Most people plan the food for dinner, but forget about breakfast and lunch! Plan to bring plenty of food AND WATER for you and your wedding party. Tip: Have water bottles easily accessible because more people are likely to grab them and stay hydrated!

Accessories/Wedding dress

Don’t let time get away from you during your engagement season. Alterations typically need to be scheduled two months prior to your wedding day. During this time you can look for the perfect accessories so that you can try everything on once your dress has been altered to make sure it is everything you had envisioned.

Who’s your go-to?

Do you have a wedding planner? A venue coordinator? A go-to? Questions always come up and you will not want to be bothered while you are getting ready and preparing for your special day. It is important to have someone in charge of questions and concerns so you don’t have to. It is your wedding day, relax and let someone else make the decisions for you!


People are hard to plan on. You just never know if Aunt Barb or Uncle Larry are going to show up unexpected. Plan on an extra 10-20 chairs at your ceremony. Your guests will most likely leave seats open in between, which can then cause issues for latecomers. If you have chair decor, make sure you account for those extra chairs as well. No one likes mismatching or uncovered chairs in photos. Tip: Factor yourself and your vendors into your guest count when ordering chairs and food.

The Getaway Car

Hustle and Bustle. That is what your wedding day consists of (along with laughter, joy, love, and happiness of course). Wedding plans are usually made up until the event begins, but have you thought about when the event is over? Do you have a way for you and your spouse to get to your hotel? Does your wedding party have a ride from the venue to the hotel?


The evening will come and you will want the space to match your mood. Depending on your venue, make sure that you can dim the lights or add supplement lighting like twinkle lights or cafe lights to keep the wedding mood romantic all night long.

Cleanup, Cleanup

Communicate with your vendors and your go-to about the cleanup process. Are you responsible for returning rented items? Do you have someone assigned for cleanup duty? It is crucial that items are counted and taken care of properly to avoid any damaged/missing item fees. No one likes the after-wedding charges, so assign someone to take on this job, and you will have nothing to worry about. Other things that might get overlooked include the collecting of gifts, personal items, your dress and or bouquet.