Wedding Planning

What to do 3 weeks before your wedding

Feeling a little bit stressed out? We are here to help!

First thing is first, breathe in and back out. It is going to be ok, and you are going to get MARRIED! Don’t forget to keep celebrating that amongst the crazy details of the last few weeks.

Here are a few tips to help you feel a little less stressed and a little more excited!

Take a final head count

This can be a daunting task, but it will make such a big difference. Finalize the numbers for your venue and make sure you have a completed, easy-to-read table plan.

Create an overly detailed wedding day timeline

Try to include more than just when the ceremony starts and when the reception ends. It can include things like who is bringing your name cards and where should they be placed? Include who is transferring your overnight bag and when? Add the time your vendors are planning to arrive, what they are doing, and where your decor goes at the end of the night. All of these things can allow for a more relaxed day rather than trying to figure out details in the moment. Share this timeline with the wedding party, family, vendors and a coordinator for a more relaxed day.

When we arrive-

Wondering when We’ve Got It Covered will arrive? Most days we have multiple events and therefore can’t be everywhere at once. However, we can guarantee that it will be done before your event begins. Have a specific time you need it ready by? Contact us with that information as soon as possible so we can schedule you in.

Confirm the details with your vendors so they aren’t surprised or left guessing

1.Color Change?

Did any of your rental items change color? From white to ivory perhaps? It is easy to make these changes as you plan during your engagement, but don’t forget to let your rental company know of the switch.

2.Number change?

Along with colors, do you have any number changes? It is pretty typical that about 10-20% of your invited guests will RSVP regretfully and so it is important to inform your venue and any other vendors involved. Tip: Rent a few extras in case your numbers change last minute.

3. Size or style change?

Look over the style and size of your tables. Did you change to rectangle tables? Are you using rounds? Make sure your linen sizes are correct to avoid day of frustration.


Hopefully you have already created some sort of schedule months ago of what planning and payments need to happen and at what time in your engagement. Sift through that timeline to see if any other unseen payments that need to be made. Your payment and final numbers for your decor rented from We’ve Got It Covered, is due 15 days prior to your date.

Organize decor and accessories

Sort through your decor and organize it by where it goes. This is a good way to see what you are missing and if you need to make some last minute additions!

Make sure all necessary marriage documents are brought to the venue and are ready to go

Don’t forget the marriage documents! Something that can easily be forgotten if not put in a place to remember.

Iron/steam anything needed

Have you tried on all of your apparel and made sure its looking clean and pressed? Some last minute touch ups might need to be made before the big day!