Styled Shoot

Paper Wedding Dress

Yes, you read that right. This wedding dress was made out of paper, and boy was it incredible.

Let’s just take a minute to pick our jaw up off the floor and admire this work of art. Incredible... Just incredible.

Burgundy and White Paper Wedding dress

After endless hours of dreaming, brainstorming and designing, this creation came to life. It was handcrafted to perfection with each piece accounted for and hand placed to create such a masterpiece.

This styled shoot began with the unimaginable paper wedding dress and soon transformed into a chic and unique shoot, blooming rich with color.

Fern inspired stationary displayed on burgundy table linen
Harvest table in front of criss cross backdrop
wedding favors in glass box
Wedding bands on red ribbon
head table under three chandeliers with rented linens and napkins

Knowing we had to match the talent of the incredible paper dress, we researched and designed a backdrop that would not disappoint. Choosing to incorporate the colors of the dress in the backdrop we criss-crossed the burgundy and gave it space to illuminate the depth and feel.

burgundy and white backdrop design for wedding ceremony in Minnesota

There were so many incredible vendors involved in this project, including Sadie’s Couture Floral. Their ginormous fern arrangements provided the texture, volume, and color that this shoot needed!

silver satin table linens with fern greenery and burgundy candles
burgundy candles on silver candlesticks
Silver linen with burgundy napkin displayed on head table
wedding cake with burgundy linen draped over table
Head table set up with burgundy accents and fern greenery
guest plate showing menu and burgundy napkin
Burgundy and white paper wedding dress styled shoot in Minneapolis Minnesota

I don’t know if another shoot could ever beat this one! I am still in shock of all of the talent involved in making this idea come to life.

Paper dress being modeled in front of white and burgundy backdrop