Whats Trending?

Trends - do you take part in them? Or do you do your own thang? Whether you are all about the hype or want to run the other way, we are here to tell you what we think will be making an appearance in 2019.

1. Let's Talk About COLOR-

Twenty Eighteen was all about blush and taupe hues, pastels and greenery. But let me tell ya, 2019 has arrived and has come in full swing. As wedding plans are being established in these winter months, an appearance of bold and moody hues are being incorporated into dresses, flowers, decor and more.

Bridesmaid in burgundy dress holding flower bouquet
black linen head table with gold chargers and navy napkins

As greenery is here to stay another year, we are seeing deep burgundy, intense turquoise, rich emerald and lots of navy sprinkled throughout the wedding day. These bold colors are often paired with soft tones like taupe or champagne accents.

2. It’s a blast from the past. The 90’s velvet is BACK! The smooth, comfy texture to the shine of the threads, velvet is becoming a headliner this wedding season.

Velvet linen with black charger and gold silverware
wedding dinner on black charger and velvet linen
velvet head table linen with bridesmaids bouquets

Along with velvet making an appearance, we are also seeing a rise in chiffon fabric. Draped on tables, on an arch or on the ceiling, chiffon is soft and romantic and we are loving everything about it and its versatility.

chiffon runner on wood farmstyle table
sweetheart table with ivory chiffon runner and gold goblets
chiffon runner on wood table with green garland

3. Personalized - Out with the traditions, in with the unique.

In 2019 we are expecting to see a twist from your typical white ball gown, big princess wedding. Making a shift to smaller, more intimate weddings we will see couples matching their decor to their personality and character. Incorporating more activities, and things for guests to do, it will feel like a close family gathering.

4. Trendy Modern Venues -

Industrial spaces are in the running to compete with the rustic charm. As outdoor weddings will always remain popular, barns and vineyards will have to share the wedding spotlight with some modern industrial spaces.

Photo by Gina Zeidler

Photo by Gina Zeidler

5. Last but definitely not least - FLORALS

Flowers have been a part of weddings since the beginning, but the use of them has transformed immensely. Although flowers are still used on tables today, we are finding them hung from backdrops, chandeliers, the ceiling, floral walls and much much more. We aren’t complaining because who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers filling the air?

harvest table with grey chiffon on chairs and hanging greenery above table
taupe backdrop with greenery for a wedding ceremony in the woods
Summer wedding with draping on the ceremony arch and flower arrangements attached