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The Key to Making Your Wedding Tables Stand Out

VOLUME, Color, and Feel

These are the essentials when it comes to adding anything on top of, near, or around your reception tables for the most outstanding tables yet!

Check out these great examples by brides who chose to give their tables the volume, color AND feel that all tables deserve!

Wedding at the landmark center with Minnesota decor rentals. This look has gold sequin table runners, black candleabras, linens, and chaircovers with a gold sash tied kimono style.
Focal centerpiece of a black candleabra holding white feathers. This was paired with a gold sequin runner and charger.

VOLUME: The black candleabra gives this table height and the fluffy white feathers give the table even more shape and direction.

Color: The choice of gold in the table runner and charger gives a contrast look against the dark linen, napkins, and table decor.

Feel: The small lit candles placed sparatically on the table runner gives shine to the sequins and warmth to the atmosphere.

Farmstyle table layout with wood slices and royal blue sashes and napkins

VOLUME: The glass milk jars filled with stiffer greens, brings style to the farmtable. Lining the table with these fills out the length and completes the fullness of the table.

Color: The bright blue sashes and napkins give the wood a pop of color and livens the room.

Feel: The addition of woodslices under the flowers make for an outdoorsy, adventurous vibe.

blush vase on a blush sequin linen
gold candleabra with voluptuous greens on a blush sequin linen

VOLUME: A voluptuous green on top of a gold candleabra provides height and width filling great space on a round table.

Color: There are many colors compiled in this look, but can still look cohesive since they are in the same neutral color palette.

Feel: Texture is involved in the sequin linen and the ribbing on the blush bud vase for character and personality.

centerpieces displayed on a burgundy table linen
gold chargers and eucalyptus on a bold burgundy wedding linen with candles and flowers
gold votive cup with candles and a burgundy linen with flowers

VOLUME: This sweetheart table is filled with many things to keep it from looking bare. It has a gold metal pedestal bowl filled with flowers, mercury glass votives with candles, and gold chargers to fill the table.

Color: A bold burgundy linen was paired with gold centerpiece accents and a full flower arrangement for bonus color!

Feel: The linen choice oozes romance with a bit of daring flare.

Wedding reception draping in an outside pavilion with flowers in wood boxes for the centerpiece

VOLUME: The volume doesn't just have to be on the tables, it can be in the ceiling too! This draping adds dimension to the space and volume from the top down.

Color: This venue is an outdoor space with a lot of color from the landscape. However, pairing this simple wooden box on the table gives it fresh color and cohesion.

Feel: The simplicity of the centerpieces give the feel of a spacious, clean presentation.

Four tall candlesticks on a farm table with greenery mixed in
Gold charger and navy napkin on a farm table with eucalyptus
Wedding reception centerpiece ideas including greenery, champagne chargers, and crystal glasses

VOLUME: For longer tables, more decor is needed for full volume. This table has eucalyptus interwoven between candlesticks, drinking glasses, mercury bud vases and short tea candles.

Color: The eclectic collection of candlesticks placed throughout give this wood table a varied color scheme complimenting the chargers and other decor.

Feel: The shine from the tall candlesticks and layout design of the table presents a rustic and glamorous feel to the day.

Minnesota farm venue with lace table runners and gold chargers

VOLUME: A mixture of tall and short flower displays serve as focal points, yet establish a seamless combination to the head table filled with chargers and other various decorations.

Color: Choosing color can be as simple as pairing a gold charger against a lace table runner and lively flowers.

Feel: The intricate pattern of this aubrey lace table runner adds rustic charm paired with rustic wood floral boxes.

Lanterns with candles inside displayed near a floral wood box and crystal glasses
romantic candles intermixed with greenery and lantern decor
Long wood farm table with wedding decor of white lanterns, wood floral boxes, gold chargers and pink napkins

VOLUME: This look is comprised of simple decor, but still has great volume. The light houses add body and shape, while the eucalyptus generates thickness and bulk throughout the length of the entire table.

Color: Color is seen throughout the natural wood in the table, the green in the flowers, the white in the lanterns, and a pink and gold charger/napkin duo!

Feel: The centerpieces give a clean, feminine gathering paired with rustic tones in the table and floral wood boxes for a complete farmstyle table that is sure to stand out!