15 Ways to Dress a Farm Table

15 ways to dress a farm table to make it uniquely yours.

  1. A pop of color. Include a pop of color. The color could be subtle, or bold like this royal blue wedding. Use napkins or table runners to introduce the color, this way the farm table still shows off. Shown here is our royal blue taffeta sash and royal blue polyester dinner napkin.

Head table with satin sashes tied in a bow and wood slice centerpieces with flowers.

2. Soft and Romantic. Use flowing fabric to soften the hardwood look of the table. Don't be afraid to go a little girly and use pink! Shown here is our ivory arbor draping, pink chiffon with ruffles chair covers, and chiffon table runner.

Outdoor arbor with draping and pink ruffle chair backs

3. Keep it simple and subtle. Use a neutral table runner and simple wildflowers to create a soft look. Shown here are our white rosette table runner, silver chargers, and glass cylinder vases.

Simple farm table with white rosette runners and wildflowers.

4. Lanterns. There are so many ways to style a lantern, fill with a candle or three, add floral or greenery. The beauty of using a lantern is that they look lovely during the day and evening. Shown here are our white lanterns, champagne chair sashes, ice chiavari chairs, gold chargers, wood floral boxes, and pink matte satin napkins.

5. Chair Options. Swap out the venue's chair for something unique to you. Whether it be a rustic farm chair, upholstered chair, or chiavari chair.

Farm table with unique chairs surrounding the table, and garland and lighthouses for the centerpiece.

6. Lighting surrounding the table. While lighting on the table is important, lighting surrounding the table is key too. Use lighting on the wall, or ceiling around the farm table to make it the focal point of the room. Shown here are our ivory chiffon with ruffle chair covers and cafe lights.

Cafe lights hung around the head table to give it a glow in the background at a Minnesota venue.

7. Greenery Garland. Let the greenery be the highlight. Add some floral for a pop of color and include a chiffon runner for a polished look. Shown here is our chiffon table runner.

8. Candlesticks. Use candlesticks along or with floral mixed in. Shown here are our mercury glass candlesticks.

Farm table that has candlesticks and floral mixed in for an extra rustic appeal.

9. Lace. You can never have too much lace. With so many varieties of lace available, you are sure to find one that fits your style. The lace could be a table runner or overlay, or even a chair sash.Shown here is our Aubrey lace table runner and lace chair sash.

10. Details. Sprinkle some details throughout your tablescape to create a simply stunning table. Use custom paper products, a unique napkin fold, small bud vases, or add a floral stem to the napkin or chair. Shown here are our blush mercury glass candlesticks, mercury glass bud vases, gold charger, navy matte satin napkin, and mercury glass candlestick.

11. Chair Decor. What you put on the table is important, but so is what you put on the chair. Use fabric, chair covers, signs, or even floral to decorate your farm table chairs. Shown here are our pink chiffon with ruffle chair covers, eggplant satin sashes, and ivory chiffon chair backs.

12. Big floral. Use big floral pieces to accent your farm table. Height is great, especially in a venue with tall ceilings. Pro tip: be sure that tall centerpieces don't block your view when you and your guests are seated. Shown here are our eggplant chair sashes and Aubrey lace table runner.

13. Backdrop. Use a fabric backdrop to highlight your table or to hide an unsightly wall. Shown here is our taupe fabric backdrop, mercury glass candlesticks, matte satin eggplant napkins, mercury glass floral pedestal, and blush mercury glass candlesticks.

Farm table that has a beautiful taupe backdrop that make greenery and other decor stand out.

14. Table placement. Don't be afraid to think outside the box (or room in this case) and place your table somewhere other than in the front of the room. Your farm table can sit in the middle of the room, which is called harvest style, this way guests can sit all around you. Move your table to a space with better lighting or even bring your dinner outside!

15. When in doubt, add a horse! I find that horses make everything better!! Oh, and a full moon doesn't hurt either.