Literary theme style shoot

Weddings don't always have to be BIG and LOUD. They can be soft and sweet as well. It's all about the love between the couple, and if its just family celebrating, then that's just as grand! 

The wedding day is about you. So make it about you. Pick your favorites, put them together, and have the best day ever! 

We loved getting to be a part of this Literary style shoot because it gives us a glimpse into just how sweet these small weddings can be!

 Pink and white wedding shoes
 invite to a literary themed wedding
 Decor for a literary themed wedding including books, gold chargers, ivory napkins, and a textured linen

If you read our previous blog post, then you know just how important a theme can be. This style shoot was all about books, love stories and romance, which definitely shinned through in all the small details. 

 Minnesota Wedding head table pictured with books for decor along with gold plates, textured table cloth, chiffon runner and wood floral boxes

Sometimes simple can make a statement as well. I mean...LOOK at this sweet waterfall of cafe lights!

 Cafe light strings hanging in front of a library of books
 Cafe lights with paper flower strings
 Married couple holding hands in front of cafe lighting waterfall and a bookshelf with books

Whether your wedding is a BIG get together or small gathering, make sure to find those little moments that you and your significant other can share together as newlyweds. 

 A married couple sharing a special moment during their wedding day

The Key to Making Your Wedding Tables Stand Out

VOLUME, Color, and Feel

These are the essentials when it comes to adding anything on top of, near, or around your reception tables for the most outstanding tables yet!

Check out these great examples by brides who chose to give their tables the volume, color AND feel that all tables deserve!

 Wedding at the landmark center with Minnesota decor rentals. This look has gold sequin table runners, black candleabras, linens, and chaircovers with a gold sash tied kimono style.
 Focal centerpiece of a black candleabra holding white feathers. This was paired with a gold sequin runner and charger.

VOLUME: The black candleabra gives this table height and the fluffy white feathers give the table even more shape and direction.

Color: The choice of gold in the table runner and charger gives a contrast look against the dark linen, napkins, and table decor.

Feel: The small lit candles placed sparatically on the table runner gives shine to the sequins and warmth to the atmosphere.

 Farmstyle table layout with wood slices and royal blue sashes and napkins

VOLUME: The glass milk jars filled with stiffer greens, brings style to the farmtable. Lining the table with these fills out the length and completes the fullness of the table.

Color: The bright blue sashes and napkins give the wood a pop of color and livens the room.

Feel: The addition of woodslices under the flowers make for an outdoorsy, adventurous vibe.

 blush vase on a blush sequin linen
 gold candleabra with voluptuous greens on a blush sequin linen

VOLUME: A voluptuous green on top of a gold candleabra provides height and width filling great space on a round table.

Color: There are many colors compiled in this look, but can still look cohesive since they are in the same neutral color palette.

Feel: Texture is involved in the sequin linen and the ribbing on the blush bud vase for character and personality.

 centerpieces displayed on a burgundy table linen
 gold chargers and eucalyptus on a bold burgundy wedding linen with candles and flowers
 gold votive cup with candles and a burgundy linen with flowers

VOLUME: This sweetheart table is filled with many things to keep it from looking bare. It has a gold metal pedestal bowl filled with flowers, mercury glass votives with candles, and gold chargers to fill the table.

Color: A bold burgundy linen was paired with gold centerpiece accents and a full flower arrangement for bonus color!

Feel: The linen choice oozes romance with a bit of daring flare.

 Wedding reception draping in an outside pavilion with flowers in wood boxes for the centerpiece

VOLUME: The volume doesn't just have to be on the tables, it can be in the ceiling too! This draping adds dimension to the space and volume from the top down.

Color: This venue is an outdoor space with a lot of color from the landscape. However, pairing this simple wooden box on the table gives it fresh color and cohesion.

Feel: The simplicity of the centerpieces give the feel of a spacious, clean presentation.

 Four tall candlesticks on a farm table with greenery mixed in
 Gold charger and navy napkin on a farm table with eucalyptus
 Wedding reception centerpiece ideas including greenery, champagne chargers, and crystal glasses

VOLUME: For longer tables, more decor is needed for full volume. This table has eucalyptus interwoven between candlesticks, drinking glasses, mercury bud vases and short tea candles.

Color: The eclectic collection of candlesticks placed throughout give this wood table a varied color scheme complimenting the chargers and other decor.

Feel: The shine from the tall candlesticks and layout design of the table presents a rustic and glamorous feel to the day.

 Minnesota farm venue with lace table runners and gold chargers

VOLUME: A mixture of tall and short flower displays serve as focal points, yet establish a seamless combination to the head table filled with chargers and other various decorations.

Color: Choosing color can be as simple as pairing a gold charger against a lace table runner and lively flowers.

Feel: The intricate pattern of this aubrey lace table runner adds rustic charm paired with rustic wood floral boxes.

 Lanterns with candles inside displayed near a floral wood box and crystal glasses
 romantic candles intermixed with greenery and lantern decor
 Long wood farm table with wedding decor of white lanterns, wood floral boxes, gold chargers and pink napkins

VOLUME: This look is comprised of simple decor, but still has great volume. The light houses add body and shape, while the eucalyptus generates thickness and bulk throughout the length of the entire table.

Color: Color is seen throughout the natural wood in the table, the green in the flowers, the white in the lanterns, and a pink and gold charger/napkin duo!

Feel: The centerpieces give a clean, feminine gathering paired with rustic tones in the table and floral wood boxes for a complete farmstyle table that is sure to stand out!

This or That? -- Make a Statement

This or That?? What to choose. What we choose. What would you choose?

 Sweetheart table with a blush sequin linen. The added candlestick and chandelier decor add sweet romance
 Sweetheart table with gold candelabra holding greenery arrangement. Romantic candles placed nearby.

Gold chandelier or gold candelabra? 

Our pick: gold chandelier. If you have something high on your table, make sure you can still see your guests!

 Farmstyle table set up with eggplant sashes and big green ferns

Full of greens or light and simple? 

Our pick: light and simple. Place a subtle runner under your decor to add just enough structure and balance. 

 Simple and colorful outdoor wedding table idea with flowers, lanterns and table runners.

Classic curtains or creative design?

Our pick: classic curtains. Nothing beats a classic curtain. Whether its windy or completely still, you know that it will always look the best!

 Wedding ceremony arch curtain draping outdoors
 Creative arch draping for a Minnesota outdoor wedding ceremony
 Wedding backdrop curtains with hanging gold chandelier

Curtains pulled back or curtains flowing free?

Our pick: curtains flowing free. Curtains can be universal. Used for a photo-op, behind a table, or to cover something unwanted, curtains flowing free are a must-have!

 taupe curtain backdrops can be used for any photo setup, behind a table or to hide something unwanted

Chair ruffle or chair draping? 

Our pick: chair ruffle. We love both looks, but there is something so sweet about the falling ruffle!

 chivari chair ruffle
 chivari chair back decor

What are your favorites? This or that?

Tips and Tricks to Finding "The One" -Wedding Venue-

Steps to finding The One (venue) after you've found The One! 

Step 1. Talk to others to hear what they liked and disliked about certain venues

Talking to friends and family about their likes and dislikes can give insight into what you want to be looking for. Whether that be an outdoor ceremony site, or a designated cocktail space, I am sure they can provide many details and options to think about. 

 Outdoor wedding ceremony leading to a white curtain pergola with garland

Step 2. Make a list of wants vs. must haves

It's easy to get lost in the moment at each venue and love them all. So before taking a tour at any site, be sure to have a list of wants vs. must haves. 

 Outdoor vineyard wedding ceremony 

Step 3. Find a wedding planner or coordinator that will help see your vision

Wedding planners are not necessary to make a wedding happen, but they definitely take the stress off of planning and make sure everything runs smoothly. 

 cocktail hour silver linens
 Reception decor featuring chargers, linens, chivari chairs and more
 outdoor cocktail hour with silver luster linens at winehaven in minnesota

Step 4. Only look at venues that fit in your budget

If you are on a strict budget, only be looking at ones that fit in your price range. This will help make a quicker decision as well as leave extra money for other wedding decor! 

 wedding reception inspiration with lace linens and table numbers displayed in front of white roses

Step 4. Keep your guests in mind

Some venues are restrictive to the number of guests so it is important to keep that in mind as well as what they will be doing. Does the venue have a good place for cocktail hour or a comfortable reception space?

 reception table styled with grey linens and lace overlays. The ivory napkins placed in glasses and a floral arrangement for a centerpiece

Step 5. Ask each venue as many questions as possible to know what is expected and included

When narrowing down which venue to choose, it is easier with all of the facts. So, when doing your visits ask every question you can think of to make planning less stressful. [Again, wedding planners are great!]

 guest tables with a cool and sophisticated decor. Chiffon chair backs and grey linens with lace overlays

Step 6. Envision yourself and your loved ones spending an entire day at that venue

Ultimately, this is your day. So everything aside, pick one that you know you will love even days after the wedding. 

 silver wedding cake idea
 Bride throwing wedding bouquet off balcony

After choosing your venue you will need to pick your decor! Stay tuned to see how to decorate your venue! 

Venue: Winehaven 

Decor: We've Got It Covered

Photography: Delight Photography

Transforming Barn Venues Into Magical Masterpieces

Trending now...!

Barn venues are really becoming a hot commodity lately for the big day and we are not disappointed one bit! We love the rustic ambiance and the endless opportunities that each barn provides. 

Take a peek at these MAGICAL photos below that reveal the rustic charm of this barn and the beauty of the decor that brought this wedding vision to life!

 Newlywed couple in a barn entrance draped with white curtains pulled back with hanging greenery

Do you feel like your wedding will be just like all the others at that same venue?

Not to fear! I promise your vision is unique and so distinct to your personality that the same barn will feel like a whole new world. We have visited the same venues year after year and yet each wedding is so new and exciting! It gives us great joy to assist in making that vision that has been dreamt of for months, (or years even!) come to fruition.

Below are 4 WAYS to turn the same old barn venue into your very own magical masterpiece!

So no worries, you can take full advantage of your beauty rest, check another thing off your list, and KNOW that your venue will be spectacular and special to you and your family.

 wedding reception inside a barn decorated with cafe lights and garland hanging from the ceiling and gold table runners on white table cloths
 barn entrance draped with white curtains and garland
 Minnesota wedding reception inside a barn with decor rentals like gold table runners, white linens, garland, and cafe lighting

Things to think about when creating your magical masterpiece:

1. Use extra decor material around your barn to tie everything together 

 upclose curtains and garland with a chandelier and cafe lights in the background

There was extra garland left over so instead of wasting it, we put it to good use! We lined the curtains and placed it on tables to complete the greenery look and give the venue more texture and dimension. 

 Gold satin table runner with gold candle votives and garland lining the runner

2. COLOR ! !

Color can change the aesthetic of an entire event. Choose a color that stands out to you and best represents your personality!

 Reception table with garland down the middle on top of a gold satin table runner

The gold table runner added just enough color for a great contrast against the clean, crisp look of these white linens. 

 Garland and cafe lights strung from beams in a Minnesota barn for a wedding reception

3. Lighting 

Strung with care, these lights were complimented with a garland that changed the ordinary to extraordinary! Using the garland not only gave the ceiling another color, but it gave length to the barn giving it the illusion that it is more spacious, yet still romantic. 

 wedding barn reception with white table linens and chairs, garland hanging from the barn beams and cafe lights in between the garland

4. Make a S T A T E M E N T

Lastly, you want something that stands out upon first arrival. Whether that be a big sign, a picture, decor lining a walkway or something else! Make sure it represents you as a couple and I promise your guests are going to love it!

 Red barn farm wedding venue with decor rentals including draping the entrance, table linens, table runners, garland and cafe lighting

The curtains to the entrance of this reception provided elegance and grace to the rustic charm, while still giving it the statement the barn needed. The vision that was dreamt of for days finally came to reality and was yet again another wonderful wedding that was like none other!

Still a little hesitant on knowing your barn will be unique to you? Check out our previous post on 15 Ways to Dress a Farm Table for more inspiration! 

Venue: Red Barn Farm

Planning: Rustic Elegance 

Decor: We've Got It Covered

From Beginning to End - A Wedding Just Like The Movies

Adventure.... Reading.... Animals.... Gatsby.... Sports.... Retro.... Western.... 

What do all these things have in common you may ask?


It starts with a theme. Brides that give their wedding a theme not only have an easier time planning and making decisions, but it also gives their day a full story, from beginning to end. Check out this wedding that was a full feature film as if it was straight from the movies!

It started with the Invites. From the first invite received, this wedding was sure to be full of adventure, story, and a love just like the movies.

 A movie style wedding invitation for a Minnesota wedding
 Wedding shoes with notes on the bottom on top of a sparkly linen that catches the eye

The movie theme continued right into the ceremony decor with this creative "NOW SHOWING" film poster letting the guests participate in the full experience of The Wedding Day movie they were about to witness {the ceremony}. 

 Now Showing wedding sign for a couple in St. Paul 
 Movie slideshow of pictures of a couple for a wedding intro with candles and decor
 Wedding ceremony with tall black candleabras with crystals and flowers overlooking their crowd of family and friends

The moment we've all been waiting for..........the KISS! 

 The first kiss of husband and wife in black and white shot from behind towards guests overseeing tall candleabras with crystals and flowers and candles
 Row of candles used for decoration with some floating in water displayed on top of a champagne luster linen for romantic ambiance

Continuing right into the next scene was the romantic movie afterparty. Filled with gold hues and endless candles, the celebration was just beginning! 

 Wedding reception space with black chair covers, gold linens, red flowers and romantic candles
 Cards and gift table ideas for a wedding. Gold accents and a gold sequin linen that sparkles in the light
 Black chair covers around a table with a gold luster linen and candles. Used wedding rental gold sequin linen and candle votives with flower arrangements and other various specialty linens.
 Wedding cake table with green eucalyptus and cylinder vase candle holders with floating candles by a nab

This romantic film had all of the guests talking! Filled with lots of love and laughter throughout the entire night, it was sure this movie would have a happy ending.

 Guests having a good time at a Minnesota wedding reception talking around a cocktail table with a gold rainbow sequin table linen
 Bride and groom in bliss on their wedding day with guests and wedding decoration surrounding them

We all know that any good romantic movie will give you the feels and this one had us hooked from the opening scene!

 End credits to a great wedding using decor from Minnesota linen and decor rental 

We gave this one a 5 star rating with so many great details from the invitations all the way to the end credits!

What is your favorite theme for a wedding?


Venue: The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography

Decor: We've Got It Covered

Planning: Ask for the Moon Events

Redeemed Farm Styled Shoot

This recently opened farm venue north of the Twin Cities was the perfect place for a styled shoot. The day was spectacular, and the people involved were just as incredible. The atmosphere of this setting was a great space for trying out some new rustic ideas with a sweet, elegant undertone. Filled with greenery, lavender hues, and soft grey chiffon, the historic ambiance of the barn was complimented well. Check out some of our favorites shown below! 

 Farm styled shoot for wedding decor and head table inspiration / chair wraps
 Head table wedding inspiration at Minnesota Farm Venue / Table Runners
 Head table bird eye view of wedding decorations with flowers, table runners, chargers and napkins / Table Runners 
 Getting ready photos at a wedding farm venue in Minnesota / wedding decor

We love complimenting a draped arch with other decorations like these hanging glass ball vases with fresh flowers! 

 Wedding ceremony arch draping decoration with hanging floral ball vases / arch drapery 
 Wedding reception table decor centerpieces with candles, flowers, and chargers / wedding centerpieces 
 Minnesota farm wedding venue reception with table and chair decoration / chair wraps
 Dramatic draping hung in a classic red Minnesota barn for wedding ceremony / draping
 Wedding ceremony backdrop decoration including white draping, candles, logs, flowers, and lanterns / draping
 Wedding couple stands under beautiful draping on second story of a Minnesota barn venue / draping

And to top it all off, the shoot even had a horse! This day was nothing short of greatness! 

 Wedding couple with a horse for added wedding decoration / decor

Venue: Redeemed Farm

Planning: Rustic Elegance + Pure Event Planning & Design

Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography

Videography: Jasper Meddock Productions

Flowers: Studio B Floral Designs

Hair: 139 Hair by Heidi

Makeup: Makeup by Mindie

Decor: We've Got It Covered

Desserts: The Thirsty Whale

Stationary: Ink Well

S'mores Bar: North Mallow

Dress Shop: Flutter Bridal Boutique

Dress Designer: Leanne Marshall

Groom Outfit: The Wedding Shoppe

Jewelry: Style By Cia

Models: Lauren Witte + Elliot Backer

Comfy & Cozy at Bloom Lake Barn

From start to finish this bride was ready for her day, as most brides are. The rain tried to dampen the morning by making an appearance but did not keep this bride from walking down the aisle of her dreams. She made a quick change in ceremony sites, added some cafe lights and a chandelier, and had the comfiest, cozy ceremony, which was nothing short of greatness. With an umbrella in hand, and her dad at her side she was ready to walk through the curtains and down the aisle to the man she would soon call her husband!

Bloom Lake Barn Draping

With the rain drizzling down behind them and the soft glow of the lighting, they had a ceremony that would be remembered forever!


The simple chandelier that Elizabeth chose gave them such a great focal point and centerpiece for their first kiss as husband and wife!


Simple white curtains only added to the comfy feel of their ceremony and provided a great backdrop for the couple at any time of their beautiful day!


As the evening goes on and the party continues, the lighting only gets better! The cafe lights began to make their appearance and soften the evening even more with such a sweet, romantic glow.


Draping, Cafe lights, & Chandeliers: We've Got It Covered

Venue: Bloom Lake Barn

Photography: Ri & He Photography

Classic & Contemporary Wedding at Aria

It's no secret that I love my job. I could fumble around with the words to explain just what makes my work so rewarding, but why try words when a single photo can explain it all! The look on the Bride's face when she sees that her dream has become a reality is everything to me. I was so lucky to work with Kristen on her wedding and overjoyed that her photographer captured the moment she walked into her reception and saw all her decor and design had come together just as she dreamed.

 First look at wedding reception decorations all put together and in place. 

Ok, now sappy stuff aside let's dive into the epic details of this ridiculously beautiful wedding!

Want to make a statement? Try hanging SIX chandeliers over your head table, and voila, you have a head table set for royalty!

 Six crystal chandeliers hung above the head table for elegance and great style.

Chandeliers were just the beginning, Kristen carried her classic contemporary look throughout her reception. The tables were draped with black and white stripe runners and decked out with gorgeous white floral a top gold risers and surrounded by glistening gold mercury glass.

 Table decor including flowers, candles and a back and white stripe table runner. 
 Wedding reception table decorations include gold chargers, black and white striped table runner, gold candles for an accent and beautiful flower arrangements as the focal point. 

Kristen wanted to make a statement with her bar. We strung cafe lights 30ft down from the catwalks to create a backdrop for her bar.

 Cafe lights strung down a beautiful brick wall with the accompaniment of a few crystal chandeliers.
 Tall flower candlesticks are displayed with gold candle mercury glass votives on top of a classy table runner. 

Pearls were a part of Kristen's design as well; they were scattered throughout the reception. Strands of pearls were swaged across the bride and groom's chairs and could be found dripping from the canopy of greenery centerpiece on the head table.

 Great idea for chair backs is putting a table runner through the back to give it an elegant feel along with some added beads. 
 Wedding reception with gorgeous lighting from chandeliers, added garland for the head table and flowers that stand above all.
 First dance as husband and wife on a stage with the glow of chandeliers and stunning decorations.

This photo has nothing to do with decor, but it needed to be shared. Look at the love between Kristen and her wedding planner, Casey! Casey did an impeccable job pulling off Kristen's wedding.

 The love between the bride and a wedding planner as the day came together to be beautiful.

Linens, Chargers, & Lighting: We've Got It Covered

Venue: Aria

Coordinator: Belle Noelle

Floral: Studio C Floral

15 Ways to Dress a Farm Table

15 ways to dress a farm table to make it uniquely yours.

  1. A pop of color. Include a pop of color. The color could be subtle, or bold like this royal blue wedding. Use napkins or table runners to introduce the color, this way the farm table still shows off. Shown here is our royal blue taffeta sash and royal blue polyester dinner napkin.
 Head table with satin sashes tied in a bow and wood slice centerpieces with flowers.

2. Soft and Romantic. Use flowing fabric to soften the hardwood look of the table. Don't be afraid to go a little girly and use pink! Shown here is our ivory arbor draping, pink chiffon with ruffles chair covers, and chiffon table runner.

 Outdoor arbor with draping and pink ruffle chair backs

3. Keep it simple and subtle. Use a neutral table runner and simple wildflowers to create a soft look. Shown here are our white rosette table runner, silver chargers, and glass cylinder vases.

 Simple farm table with white rosette runners and wildflowers.

4. Lanterns. There are so many ways to style a lantern, fill with a candle or three, add floral or greenery. The beauty of using a lantern is that they look lovely during the day and evening. Shown here are our white lanterns, champagne chair sashes, ice chiavari chairs, gold chargers, wood floral boxes, and pink matte satin napkins.

5. Chair Options. Swap out the venue's chair for something unique to you. Whether it be a rustic farm chair, upholstered chair, or chiavari chair.

 Farm table with unique chairs surrounding the table, and garland and lighthouses for the centerpiece.

6. Lighting surrounding the table. While lighting on the table is important, lighting surrounding the table is key too. Use lighting on the wall, or ceiling around the farm table to make it the focal point of the room. Shown here are our ivory chiffon with ruffle chair covers and cafe lights.

 Cafe lights hung around the head table to give it a glow in the background at a Minnesota venue.

7. Greenery Garland. Let the greenery be the highlight. Add some floral for a pop of color and include a chiffon runner for a polished look. Shown here is our chiffon table runner.

8. Candlesticks. Use candlesticks along or with floral mixed in. Shown here are our mercury glass candlesticks.

 Farm table that has candlesticks and floral mixed in for an extra rustic appeal.

9. Lace. You can never have too much lace. With so many varieties of lace available, you are sure to find one that fits your style. The lace could be a table runner or overlay, or even a chair sash.Shown here is our Aubrey lace table runner and lace chair sash.

10. Details. Sprinkle some details throughout your tablescape to create a simply stunning table. Use custom paper products, a unique napkin fold, small bud vases, or add a floral stem to the napkin or chair. Shown here are our blush mercury glass candlesticks, mercury glass bud vases, gold charger, navy matte satin napkin, and mercury glass candlestick.

11. Chair Decor. What you put on the table is important, but so is what you put on the chair. Use fabric, chair covers, signs, or even floral to decorate your farm table chairs. Shown here are our pink chiffon with ruffle chair covers, eggplant satin sashes, and ivory chiffon chair backs.

12. Big floral. Use big floral pieces to accent your farm table. Height is great, especially in a venue with tall ceilings. Pro tip: be sure that tall centerpieces don't block your view when you and your guests are seated. Shown here are our eggplant chair sashes and Aubrey lace table runner.

13. Backdrop. Use a fabric backdrop to highlight your table or to hide an unsightly wall. Shown here is our taupe fabric backdrop, mercury glass candlesticks, matte satin eggplant napkins, mercury glass floral pedestal, and blush mercury glass candlesticks.

 Farm table that has a beautiful taupe backdrop that make greenery and other decor stand out.

14. Table placement. Don't be afraid to think outside the box (or room in this case) and place your table somewhere other than in the front of the room. Your farm table can sit in the middle of the room, which is called harvest style, this way guests can sit all around you. Move your table to a space with better lighting or even bring your dinner outside!

15. When in doubt, add a horse! I find that horses make everything better!! Oh, and a full moon doesn't hurt either.

Legacy Hill Farm

Oh, how we love early mornings decorating weddings on the farm. But not just any farm, Legacy Hill Farm, to be specific.

Legacy is one of Minnesota's newest farm venues located in Red Wing, Minnesota. Legacy stands apart from other farm venues in many ways, it is the only farm venue that has a French country inspiration. You will find soft colored woods here, wide open airy spaces, quaint areas for getting ready and small touches of country chic glamour. Legacy Hill's vibe is very much soft, simple, elegant, warm and inviting. Just as sweet as the setting are the people that run it. The owners, Joan, Britni and their families run the farm and will make you feel at home. You couldn't ask for more loving, passionate people to be helping you with your big day.

Some other cool features at Legacy are a getting ready space for the groom and his guys, a fire pit, a bar underneath the barn open to the outside, twinkling lights in the trees and the single most beautiful farm ceremony site I have ever seen!

So, how do you decorate a place that is already SOOO beautiful? Here are some design ideas from We've Got It Covered that I think to enhance the beauty of Legacy Hill and make the venue uniquely yours.

Pavilion draping! The picture says it all......

 Photography: Levi Hoffbeck

Photography: Levi Hoffbeck

Entrance draping. As you walk from your ceremony to your reception you will want to make a grand entrance. Draping the entryway into the pavilion makes a statement for you to greet your guests for the first time as a married couple!

 Photography:  Delight Photography

Photography: Delight Photography

Draping at your ceremony site. This is a place where you can decorate to make the site special to you. Some decor ideas include: draping on the ceremony arch, draping down the aisle, lanterns down the aisle, floral down the aisle or a chandelier hung on the ceremony arch.

 Draping down the wedding ceremony isle and an arch that has a unique draping style.

Dress up the tables and chairs. The tables and chairs at Legacy can stand alone or can be done up to fit your style. Some chair decor ideas include chair covers, chiffon wraps or sashes. Some table decor ideas include linens, table runners, chargers, lanterns, mercury glass, wood box floral containers, and floral pedestal bowls.

 Photography:  Kelly Birch Photography

A view from behind the ceremony arch and down the aisle.

 Photography: Levi Hoffbeck

Photography: Levi Hoffbeck

A chandelier adds a touch of glamour and can be left on in the evening to create a romantic ambiance and an evening photo opportunity.

 Farm venue arch with white curtain draping and a crystal chandelier hung in the middle of a field

Below are some images from a special wedding we got to help with. The bride wanted to incorporate her Native American heritage into her decor and her husband's western style. The result was fun and beautiful!

 Pavilion draping running along reception tables for an outstanding look.
 Native American Heritage with western style decorations for a Minnesota wedding.

Cowboy boots lined the aisle!

 Different ideas for wedding ceremony isle include boots and hats.

Here are some images from one of our lovely brides, Amanda. Amanda wanted to play up the French county theme. We used soft flowing fabric to highlight her ceremony and reception.

 Pavilion entrance draping tied back with floral arrangements.

We get a little help from our feathered friends!

 wedding on the farm with ceremony draping on the arch and help from animals
 Peek through at the wedding ceremony site with white curtain draping and a beautiful farm backdrop.
 Ceremony site with outdoor pews and trees and draping on the ceremony arch.
 Added decor to an outdoor wedding site with chalkboard sign, antique tables and draping with a chandelier. 
 Green grass and white draping at a gorgeous Minnesota wedding farm venue
 Ceremony with a beautiful bride, and teal accent colors. 
 Romantic look between newlyweds with draping on an entrance
 Farm decorations include bird cages, clover table runners, crush linens, chargers and gold napkins.
 Crisp morning wedding with an outdoor ceremony that has draping on the arch and a chandelier.
 Different kinds of draping for an arch
 Asymmetric design for draping a wedding ceremony arch 
 Wedding ceremony with a rainbow and draping on the ceremony arch
 draping on an outdoor farm venue arch with floral tied back

A Timeless Wedding at the St. Paul Athletic Club

A timeless wedding at the St. Paul Athletic Club

From the minute I met with Danielle, I knew she had put a lot of thought into her wedding decor. Danielle had a very specific vision for how she wanted to adorn the ballroom at her venue, the St.Paul Athletic Club. Danielle picked out decor pieces to create a totally custom reception that transcended the definition of classy. Her linens, a champagne satin, set the tone for the timeless look. Danilelle's must have was a touch of sparkle which she incorporated with a rhinestone sash buckle. The table tops glistened with mercury glass candlestick and mercury votives, mixed with white floral by Sadies Floral and just a pop of red. Danielle wanted her head table to stand out so we picked our stunning Aubrey Lace as an overlay to make the head table stand out.

 Wedding chair covers set up for a ceremony 

Get this look: Ivory Chair Covers

 Ivory chair covers set up for a Minnesota wedding ceremony
 Birds eye view of wedding reception that has gold satin tablecloths and gold satin sashes 
 Gold satin sashes tied with a diamond buckle and tables with flowers and candle votives

Get this look: Ivory Chair Covers, Champagne Satin Linen, Champagne Satin Sash, Rhinestone Sash Buckle

 Wedding reception with gold sashes and table linens with chandeliers and balconys.
 Table numbers and centerpieces on gold satin linens
 gold sashes with ivory chair covers and gold candle votives with white floral arrangements
 diamond accent on gold sashes and ivory chair covers for wedding inspiration
 Wedding reception with decoration ideas that include gold and ivory

New Inventory!!!!!!

 Wedding inspiration with new inventory

New Inventory!!!!!!

We have new inventory and we are so excited to share it with you! Don't worry--all the tried-and-true favorites are still here. But we've updated our inventory to include fresh finds that are guaranteed to be a hit this wedding season. Our carefully curated collection can be styled to suit any wedding theme, so take a peek at these new must-have items!

New Inventory Highlights

  • Mercury Glass: Mercury glass is outwardly beautiful, but what I love most about it is when it meets candlelight it instantly takes a surreal and whimsical glow, bringing sparkle and glamour to any room. Another beauty of mercury glass is that it can be dressed down or dressed up to meet any wedding theme and looks equally fabulous. Whether you are planning a vintage, rustic, classic, bohemian or modern wedding, mercury glass elements like candle holder, votives or vases can be gorgeous compliments on your wedding decor.
  • Linens: Guys! I'm obsessed with fabric! It was really, really, really hard to narrow down the new linen choices, but alas I settled on some threads that I think you are going to swoon over. Let's talk color! I'm seeing burgundy making a comeback in a major way. I've added an elegant burgundy shantung linen that is sure to impress. When I choose new fabrics, I get a lot of input from other experts in the industry. I visited with my friends at Raffine Bridal in Woodbury, about what colors they are seeing trending this year, they showed me a bridesmaid dress that has been flying off the racks. This dress was a lovely shade of dusty mauve and I knew I needed to get a linen to match! Color is important but so is TEXTURE, and that is why I had to add the super sexy velvet linen to our collection.
  • Chandeliers: A bride recently asked me if I thought she needed a chandelier for her wedding ceremony, without skipping a beat I responded, "YES"! In fact, I suggested we add a chandelier to adorn her cake table as well. Chandeliers make such a statement on their own or in a cluster, over your head table or in a tree, this is why we have added more chandeliers and more chandelier colors!
  • Fabric: Last but not least... I'm excited to announce that I have added more fabric and more colors to our inventory. I'm excited about the trend towards color after many years of muted tones ruling. I have added colored curtains and fabric to dress up your venue's ceiling, your tent, ceremony arches, and backdrops.
 mercury candlesticks for wedding table decoration

Mercury glass candlesticks in blush, gold, and silver. Mercury glass pedestal floral bowl.

 decoration ideas to hold tea lights or candles

Mercury glass votives and vases.

 unique table decor for weddings and a simple or elegant style

Mercury glass bud vases in blush and gold. Blush mercury glass candlestick.

 Lighthouses and wood boxes for flowers used for decoration and rental

Wood floral boxes & white lanterns.

 Velvet linen for wedding rental


 Gold candleabra used with floral plate and candles

This gold candelabra can be used with a floral plate or with 5 candle holders.

 Gold chandelier that can be hung at many outdoor or indoor weddings

Gold chandelier.

 Taupe curtains used for a backdrop or draping at a wedding along with candlesticks used for added decoration

Taupe fabric and champagne candlestick.

 Burgundy table linen that makes gold accents pop along with greenery or crystal decorations

Burgundy shantung linen.

 Burgundy linen with gold chargers, crystal cups, floral, and gold candle votive cups

Get this look: Burgundy Shantung Linen, Gold Charger Plates, Mercury Glass Votives, Gold Metal Floral Pedestal Vase.

 Burgundy linen with tall candlesticks and floral arrangements for centerpiece with a taupe backdrop

Candlesticks can be used?on tables as centerpieces, on the floor to adorn your sweetheart tables or down the aisle to deck out your ceremony.

 Taupe curtains pulled back with a gold chandelier and tall candlesticks holding eucalyptus
 Farm table with gold chargers and navy napkins, garland and candlesticks for centerpiece ideas

Get this look: Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Champagne Plate Chargers & Navy Matte Satin Napkins.

 Chiavari chairs added for more wedding decoration and chiffon chair ties used along with chargers and garland and candlestick holders for more centerpieces
 Chair cover tied over chiavari chairs and gold and navy wedding colors
 Navy and gold accent colors for wedding inspiration and crystal glasses on a farm table for extra glam
 wedding reception table ideas that have flowers, gold plates, greenery, napkins and candles
 Sequin linen for a sweetheart or head table surrounded by mercury blush candlesticks and garland and a chandelier

Get this look: Blush Sequin Linen, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Wood Floral Box, Gold Candelabra, Gold Chandelier.

 Wood table set with gold plates, eggplant napkins, gold and blush candlesticks, and garland mixed

Get this look: Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Eggplant Matte Satin Napkins, Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Mercury Glass Candlesticks & Champagne Plate Chargers.

 Wood table with white lanterns, roses, wood boxes filled with flowers, candles and gold chargers

Get this look: Chiffon Chair Wraps, White Lanterns, Gold Charger Plates, Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Wood Floral Boxes.

 velvet linen on a wedding table with candlesticks for the centerpiece, taupe curtain backdrop, greenery, and chiavari chairs

Get this look: Velvet Linen, Mercury Glass Candlesticks, Mercury Glass Bud Vases, Taupe Fabric Backdrop & Champagne Candlesticks.

 Elegant gold, red, green, white and taupe colors mixed for a wedding reception table

Get this look: Taupe Fabric Backdrop, Gold Metal Floral Pedestal Vase, Gold Mercury Glass Votives, Burgundy Shantung Linen & Gold Charger Plates.

 Different style backdrop behind wedding table and variety of centerpiece items like candlesticks, mercury bud vases, and unique plates and cups

Thank you to the talented vendors that helped with our new inventory shoot!

Photography: Jeannine Marie Photography

Styling: Sixpence Events & Planning

Paper: Kristina Designz

Navy and Gold Glimmer Wedding - Edina Country Club

Fall in love with the glimmer of this navy and gold wedding. Jessica, the bride, was a joy to work with. Jessica had a vision for her wedding and she carried that vision out with a lot of planning and attention to details. We think all Jessica's hard work paid off as you can see in the photos!

 Harvest table with a rosette linen, gold chargers, variety of candle holders, tall floral plates and navy accents.

Jessica chose a harvest table for her head table seating. Harvest tables have been gaining in popularity over the last couple years and we are loving it! Get this look: Ice Chiavari Chairs, Ivory Rossette Chair Caps, Ivory Rosette Table Linens, Gold Chargers. 

 Rosette chair backs with rosette linen, candleabras holding candles and flowers with various flower displays for centerpieces

Whether you are using a harvest table, a traditional head table, or a sweetheart table, it is always a good idea to make your head table stand out from your guest tables. You can make your head table stand out with something as simple as a specialitly linen.

 Navy table linens with gold accents of runners, chargers, and tall flower holders

The guest tables had various centerpieces from tall to short, to create more depth in the room. Get this look: Ivory Chair Covers, Nay Polyester Table Linen, Gold Sequin Table Runner, Gold Chargers.

 upclose navy table cloths with a gold runner and gold plates 
 gold sequin table runner on a wedding reception table with gold table numbers, gold chargers and gold candle votives
 Bride and groom chairs with rosette flower linens and gold accents throughout

Linens & Decor:We've Got It Covered We've Got It Covered

Venue: Edina Country ClubEdina Country Club

We've Got It Covered Wedding - Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery

It's always a joy to be a part of a wedding at the beautiful Chankaska Creek Winery. For this wedding the couple picked a timeless color scheme with black and white. The wedding ceremony was held at the winery in front of a custom backdrop by We've Got It Covered. The reception was in the winery's onsite tent. We draped the reception tent with white and black fabric and hung a crystal chandelier over the head table. We also designed a custom head table backdrop based off of an inspiration photo the bride found on pinterest. The chargers, mirrors, and crystal centerpieces were provided by We've Got It Covered.

 draping ideas for an outdoor wedding including wine barrels and wine
 black and white classic style tent wedding with black and white draping and crystal chandeliers
 black draping hung on a backdrop inside a tent for a Minnesota wedding featuring a crystal chandelier
 Mirror centerpiece with babys breath, jewels, and crystal votive candle centerpieces
 black table cloth inside a tent for a wedding reception 
 Hydrangea flowers with mirrors and wine bottles used for table decoration
 First dance as husband and wife inside a beautiful tent with chandelier lighting and black and white draping throughout

Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard Styled Shoot

"I will stop loving you, when an apple fruit grows on a mango tree, on the 30th day of February."

Spring is in the air and we are swooning over this sunny, spring, apple blossom filled, styled shoot!

 outdoor wedding arbor decorated with draping and pink accents on chairs and curtains

Get this look: Pink Chiffon Chair Backs and Ruffles, Ice Chiavari Chair, Ivory Draping.

 chandelier hung outside above a farm table decorated with colorful flowers, chargers and chiavari style chairs
 wedding invitations displayed with unique design and a lot of colors
 Spring style wedding using an outdoor arbor draped with curtains and pink ruffles
 Dessert ideas on glass plates for wedding reception with personalized wine bottles
 pink ruffles used for wedding day decorations tied in with ivory curtains for a soft and simple look
 Husband and wife sharing meal at a sweetheart table in the middle of an apple orchard

Linens/Chairs/Lighting - We've Got It Covered

Floral - Studio B Floral

Stationary - Paper Thick Ink

Venue - Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard

Photography - Brooke Ringdahl Photography

Dress - Flutter Boutique

Farm Table & Vintage Chair - Rudy's Event Rentals

Model - Laura Rudolph Bredice

Winter Wonderland Styled Shoot

Late last year I had an opportunity to work on a winter wonderland styled shoot, organized by Maddie at Ask For the Moon Events. The Outing Lodge, a turn of the century European stately home, was the perfect setting for our rustic meets glam winter shoot. The day was especially magical as we experienced the first snow fall of the season. Highlights of the shoot included a visit from Lexi the husky, a chandelier backdrop, and jewel adorned cakes!

 winter wedding with baby blue accents, lace overlay and silver chargers
 table lay with blue napkins, blue linen with lace on top for blue undertones and beaded chargers for extra elegance
 blue sashes tied in a bow on unique wooden chairs with white ruffles surrounding a head table

Get this look: Serenity satin sashes and ivory chiffon chair ruffles.

 Winter decoration ideas for place cards, candles, silver linens, hydrangeas, eucalyptus and scattered jewels
 Engagement ring on an acorn with jewels and candlelight next to a winter styled table
 couple posing with purple and blue uplighting against a rock wall

Get this look: Custom LED uplighting by We've Got It Covered featured in northern lights colors.

 Winter wedding reception ideas inspired by blue serenity polyester linens, napkins and lace overlays

Love this table?! Here is how to get this look: Serenity polyester linen, Aubrey lace overlay, serenity polyester dinner napkins in a snowflake fold, silver plate chargers.

 Kisses under a wall of chandeliers hung for extra romance
 Winter wedding dress, make up, hair and jewelry
 Winter fur jacket to stay warm partnered with a dog wearing a blue handkerchief 
 Wedding invitations displayed against blue table with lace linen and a few acorns for winter feels
 black and white shot of cozy wedding with chandelier lighting and stone wall

Get this look: Custom chandelier backdrops by We've Got It Covered

 Winter wedding cake table with cake ideas and colors and styles mixed in with silver and blue linen and green eucalyptus

Get this look: Serenity polyester linen and silver luster linens.

 Outdoor snowfall wedding picture with berries and greens nearby.

Lighting/Linens/Decor: We've Got It Covered

Planner: Ask For the Moon Events

Photographer: Jeannine Marie Photography

Floral: Uy-Lennon Floral and Events

Cake & Desserts: Ganache

Graphic Design: Rosey Paperie

Dress: Wedding Shoppe

Hair/Makeup: Taj Salon & Spa

Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel by Cia

Venue: The Outing Lodge

Models: Nadia & Brandon Peterson

5 Ways To Use Cafe Lights At Your Wedding

Cafe lights, also called globe lights, bistro lights or string lights, are a great option for mood lighting. We have all seen them strung outside, but you can also use them indoors to create some lovely ambiance.

1. Strung From the Center of the Room

 Left Photo: Whitney Anderson Photography  Right Photo:  Jeannine Marie Photography   Venue:  Minnesota Boat Club   Cafe Lights and Rouge Chair Covers: We've Got It Covered

Left Photo:Whitney Anderson Photography Right Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography

Venue: Minnesota Boat Club

Cafe Lights and Rouge Chair Covers: We've Got It Covered

2. As a Backdrop

 Photo:  Jeannine Marie Photography   Photo:  Studio Starfish   Venue:  Hope Glen Farm   Venue:  514 Studios   Flowers:  Studio B Floral   Cafe Lights, Chair Covers, Linens, & Chargers: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography

Photo: Studio Starfish

Venue: Hope Glen Farm

Venue: 514 Studios

Flowers: Studio B Floral

Cafe Lights, Chair Covers, Linens, & Chargers: We've Got It Covered

3. Hung Vertically Down the Wall

 Photo:  Carina Photographics   Venue:  James J. Hill Library   Cafe Lights: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Carina Photographics

Venue: James J. Hill Library

Cafe Lights: We've Got It Covered

4. Crisscrossing the Ceiling

 Venue:  Little Log House   Cafe Lights, Rouge Chair Covers, and Draping: We've Got It Covered

Venue: Little Log House

Cafe Lights, Rouge Chair Covers, and Draping: We've Got It Covered

5. In a Large Open Space to Create Intimacy 

 Photo:  Studio Laguna Photography   Venue:  Landmark Center   Cafe Lights & Linens: We've Got It Covered

Photo: Studio Laguna Photography

Venue: Landmark Center

Cafe Lights & Linens: We've Got It Covered